Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My dc mouse is in slow progression as my stepper driven mouse is for my university final year project and so needs to be finished first. However the drive train is coming together and ive found some good tyres which are belts for a small vacuum cleaner which fit over the turned chopping board wheels perfectly. The wheels mount directly to the gears with a push on fit and the gears mount onto the mecanical encoders via push fit also.

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i have a couple of videos from the recent ROBOtic event of the drag race competition.

Video 1
Video 2

you need quicktime for these videos.

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Ive started construction of a simple 5x5 maze to test my mice and hopefully aid development! The walls are drying as i write this and hopefully should be finished soon.

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there been alot of devlopment recently and a basic chassis has been constructed with the wheels and motor's from ActiveRobots. The batteries have been put together and are 2500ma AA's of which there are 8.

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